About Me

I have been podcasting since 2012.
I have my own shows and produce podcasts for others.

More About Kristina 

Before podcasting, I worked in theatre across the US. Went to film school in London and next moved to LA to work in the industry. Since then, I’ve worked for the Hallmark Channel, an all-sports channel, and a few satellite companies.

In addition to SEO and web design, the most recent adventures have been in the financial industry.

On the creative front, I’ve been moving forward into publishing my own books.

States Lived In


Countries Lived

Cups of Coffee

‘We, As Citizens’ is a new podcast for me.  The focus is not to be political but rather to get to know our neighbors and fellow citizens of the world. 
I’ll be seeking out people from around the globe that have their own perspectives and experiences to have conversations with.

My Why

My stand in the world as of late has become
“No One Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do Something.”
I feel that having conversations is crucial to understanding our fellow humans that live on the planet together more now than ever. I’m not perfect or naive that I feel that we’ll all get along, but rather I want to do my part to understand each other.

I feel that starts with conversation. 

  • Listen
  • Talk
  • Understanding
  • Learning

I love to share a person’s story.
The World needs to hear more of them.

Be a Part of the Conversation

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