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No One Can Do Everything,
But Everyone Can Do Something

In these most divided times in our world, what can one do?
We can talk and get to know one another, again.
It’s human nature to make assumptions about each other.
Let’s go beyond the prejudice and propoganda; let’s see how similar we are to each other.
I’m talking to individuals who it’s easy to have opinions about.
~ So, have a listen. Maybe we’ll both learn something.
A new understanding of my guests; who you thought you knew ‘they’ were going to ‘be.’

Tara Eusebi

Tara Eusebi has it all. She is blond, beautiful, lives in a beach town in southern California…

Steve Silverman

Steve Silverman looks for the good in life. While out for a run last year, he could not find the podcast…

Shane Smiddy

An Irishman who lived in Canada for the previous three years. While there, he was working in the cannabis…

Dominique Luchart

Dominique Luchart, author of the NEWDAWN Saga, is a multi-faceted creative. As a writer and futurist…

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About the Show

Kristina Crowley


‘We, As Citizens’ is the newest show from Kristina Crowley.
I’m going to have conversations with men and women—people I agree with and some that I might not entirely agree with. Hopefully, you won’t be able to tell who’s who.
Conversations with people who are probably more like us than not. I’m not here to feed the ‘cancel culture.’ We all know what that is, and I hope we’ll come away with new-found knowledge from one of my guests.
We are all individual and different from one another. There is no perfection.
We are more than our bank accounts, education, the color of our skin, where we were born, who we pray to, and who we love.
As a woman, I am more than my fat face; We are more than our appearances.
Because when we look beyond the surface, we are all 99.9% the same DNA, and we are citizens on this planet together.


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