Podcast Episode 15
Share a need. Meet a need.

Tara Eusibe

  ~ Tara Eusibe has it all. She is blond, beautiful, lives in a beach town in southern California, and has created an app that will change the world.

Quizzed by her mother about her dream in life, she gave up a six-figure corporate job to create her dream job as Chief Blesser at the Bless-App.

With the Bless App anyone can ‘Share a need. Meet a need.’ with no strings attached(really!). Tara is ‘Uniting humanity through the power of Bless’

My takeaway: Tara will make big changes in the world by her hard work and as an example she she sets for all to see.
Take the time to download the app from the app stores.

We talked on April 19, 2021.

Kristina Crowley

Tara Eusibe

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