Podcast Episode 11
The Feelings Guy™

Archie Messersmith-Bunting

  ~ We must learn to talk with one another about mental illness.

That is why I wanted my conversation with Archie Messersmith-Bunting to revolve around depression, suicide, alcohol, and drug addiction as it relates to this past year during Covid-19.
He kindly obliged because he knows of what he speaks. His perspective is from his struggles with depression, addiction, and suicide attempts.

Today he is known as The Feelings Guy™. Archie champions mental health awareness worldwide at corporations and universities challenging people to rethink these complicated and emotional topics.

My takeaway: Archie is outgoing, open, and introspective. He brings his non-judgmental and kind way in helping people who want to help others but might not know how.

We talked on a very cold day on March 22, 2021.

Kristina Crowley

Archie Messersmith-Bunting


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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

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Nicole Tschetter of the Denver Rescue Mission