Podcast Episode 02
Former CIA Operative & Best Selling Author

Douglas Laux

  ~ So, why did I invite Douglas Laux for a conversation?
Because t
alking to a CIA case officer is not something that we knowingly do unless it is someone like Douglas Laux, who has written a book about his career. Like most of us, I’ve seen emotional reactions regarding the subject of the CIA. For quite some time, a few books and movies were my only knowledge of the Central Intelligence Agency. I wanted to have a conversation with a person who was once part of the agency.

I read his book that is a biography of his service with the CIA “Left of Boom: How A Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.” I enjoyed the book; it gave us a look at his life during his years of service with the CIA and was eye-opening. Before reading it, I thought that the book would be little more than just a political science type of book, flat and one-dimensional similar to others I have read. I was wrong. The book is candid and honest, about more than just ‘action’. It let us know what he and others sacrifice in defense of our country and troops.

My takeaway: The candor he showed in his book is precisely what I was hoping he would bring to our conversation; he did not disappoint. Douglas showed himself to me to be generous, open, funny, kind and a whole lot more than a retired spy. Oh yes, Bubbins did come up.

Our conversation took place in early December of 2020, just before Douglas was going to leave on vacation.

Kristina Crowley

Douglas Laux

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Douglas Laux