Podcast Episode 03
Functional Neurology & New Frontiers of Healthcare

Dr. R’Kione Britton

  ~ Dr. Britton is a Functional Neurologist/Neuro-Kinesiologist at the West LA Neuropathy clinic in Los Angeles, CA. He is an expert in the human body who works to make sure your body and brain are communicating fully. He is committed to helping his patients achieve the latest advances in technology and rehabilitation to solve the “unsolvable” and the “unfixable.”

I’ve known Dr. Britton for many years, from when I lived in LA. I credit him for getting me to a Functional Neurologist in my area after a car accident ten years ago that brought me back to health after sustaining head and spine injuries.

Our conversation covers:
– We talk about what a Functional Neurologist is and about your journey into becoming one.
– Why we should all know about this expertise.
– Also, I would not have recovered as well without one, because I was told by my ‘traditional’ neuro doc to ‘sleep’ my head injury away. (It did not work.)
– How ‘traditional’ medicine fits with the Functional Medicine model.
– 2020 was a rough year, but what was something good or positive from 2020 for Dr. Britton?

My takeaway: Dr. Britton brought a new understanding to me about Functional Neurology. Just like many things, we don’t know how important it can be to those with any number of health concerns. It is a complex issue, and I hope it starts a new conversation.

Kristina Crowley

Dr. R’Kione Britton

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West LA Neuropathy Website

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