Podcast Episode 07
Shine With Frannie

Frannie Foltz

  ~ At first glance, Frannie Foltz is the picture of health and a perfect life with a big personality. It hasn’t always been true for her.
Years ago, as a 20-something, Frannie graduated college and moved to Florida for her first teaching position. There she joined a gym, and her trainer had what I call a “Come to Jesus” talk with her. Pointing out that she needed to change her ways because, ” …if you were to gain just one pound every month, every month for the next five years, You’ll be closer to 400 than you are to 300″. And after losing and maintaining 125+lbs over two decades, she has a passion for fitness!

Frannie doesn’t hide her experiences of being human by overcoming sexual abuse as a child, turning to food, and later having an affair. But she states that God soon after took over after many rock bottom moments.
It is her mission to empower women to live every day fully.

My takeaway: My conversation with Frannie was a candid one. She is honest, empathetic, and funny. In all that she has been through it has empowered her with the ability to understand all of us being human without diminishing others. I find it brave of her to talk openly about her journey that she continues to take.

We talked on a very cold day on February 19, 2021.

Kristina Crowley

Frannie Foltz

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Frannie Foltz