Podcast Episode 09
Breaking Through the Silence

Marissa F. Cohen

  ~ Marissa F. Cohen is a best selling author, speaker and advocate and has been named a ‘Top 10 Inspiring Female Entrepreneur’.
The roots of this success came as a 19-year-old outgoing, bubbly college freshman with a caring boyfriend; until he wasn’t.

She tells me, “he started out so thoughtful and charming, I didn’t really see the quick progression to abusive and manipulative and controlling. …I didn’t know that the things he was doing and saying were, were wrong because we never learned about it.”
Her recovery did not fully start until almost a year later when she finally let it all out to her close friend.

Since that time, she’s become an advocate helping survivors let go and speak their truth and break their silence.

My takeaway: My conversation with Marissa was deep and interesting. She is open, empathetic, and kind. She has done the work to recover and not let the assault be what defines her.

We talked on March 3, 2021.

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Marissa F. Coehn 

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