Podcast Episode 01
Author, Wild Swimmer & Environmentalist

Simon Jordan

  ~ Simon Jordan has accomplished a number of things but it was his environmental works that I wanted to have a conversation about. 

As an environmentalist, he has built multiple movements. In our conversation, he explained the three events that led up to creating ‘5 Things Clear’ & ‘One Planet, One Place.’ His latest adventure is ‘Wild Swimming Through Lockdown.’ As he created a book about it to benefit a mental health charity in the UK.

Yet, to call him simply an environmentalist would be missing much of who he is. He exemplifies a deep-rooted understanding of following his purpose in life, illustrated through his gratitude practice and finding flow. We also talked about how he seemingly can achieve anything he sets his mind to. 

My takeaway: My talk with Simon was delightful and optimistic. He was generous to give me his time as he was preparing for a much-wanted vacation. 

It was recorded on December 21st, 2020 from his home in the south of England. 

Kristina Crowley

Simon Jordan

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