Podcast Episode 04
Veganuary’s US Director

Wendy Matthews

  ~ Wendy Matthews is the US Director for Veganuary.
Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond.

I had a great talk with Wendy about her experiences in becoming a vegan and what it was like making the change. We also talked about Veganuary and how they are more helpful than ‘hard core’ with trying veganism for the first or latest time.

She talks about how doing our best still makes an impact on our world.

My takeaway: Veganuary is an excellent resource for those who are vegan or ready to try veganism for health and/or make changes that reflect the values of those who do not want to eat animals.

I’ve been living as close to a vegan lifestyle as possible for several years. Also, I am doing Veganuray myself and feel that the support I’ve found is helpful and makes it easier to make it through. And this year, I did it with only 2 slip-ups and the need for coffee creamer.

Our conversation took place in mid-January 2021.

Kristina Crowley

Wendy Matthews

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